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4 Marriage Rules You Must Not Ignore

Marriage is an institution where the success depends on two imperfect people coming together to make it work. To make it work, Stephen Akintayo shares his opinion about what he believes have worked for him in marriage.

The Provision Rule

A man must take personal responsibility for his family’s finances even if he earns lesser than his wife or has financial challenges. Despite the challenges, he must still provide for his family. God created man for this position from the beginning.

Largest Wedding Vows Set World Record

1,201 happy couples renewed their wedding vows at Western Michigan University this weekend to become part of something special: a new world record.
The happy couples set a new world record as the event, brought couples to the university from around the world.

How to Manage Your Position

Power can corrupt anyone.

But, the nature of power is neither good nor bad.

It is the misuse of power people earmark as bad.

A Leader can use power to create, influence, empower or suppress people.