Keeping the type of hair style that makes you look good and appear smart is dependent on a few factors. But the most important of all is maintaining a good barber.

This is usually a challenge because in as much as there are so many people doing the business, you can only find a few that can be referred to as professional barbers. Others are just jobbers looking for something to do to make money. This is the reason such people don’t really care about what happens to you, because they really don’t see value in what they are offering. The only thing they are after is just to make you part with the money in your wallet.

It is a different thing when you see a good barber. He will go to any length to ensure that he has the major tools that should be present for a safe, hygienic and secure hair cut, even if they are expensive but “jobbers” will always use that as an excuse not to put the necessary and important things in place.

So when you walk into a barber’s shop you should look out for the following: workstation for each barber, if more than one, styling chairs, booster seats for kids, dryers and hood dryers, cabinet for supplies, chairs in the waiting area, containers for disinfectant, a reception desk, floor mats, a receptacle for towels, phone system, point-of-sale (POS) register and good clippers for the hair cut. All these add up to make the barber give you a good haircut.

Having seen all that, it’s still important that you don’t change barbers for every hair cut. It is advisable that you maintain a barber. Here are simple reasons you should:

1. He Knows What You Want

Your barber understands the style you want without you explaining to him. Since he is used to barbing you regularly, he knows what to do at every point, even when there are abnormalities that occurred as a result of you wanting to help yourself out. He can also recommend a likely style that can match your facial structure having studied your face over time.

2. He Will Be Careful With Your Carving

This is where most barbers get it wrong. And this is more dangerous if you keep changing barbers. They will keep carving the hair in the front of your face until it gets pushed inside. This is one reason you should consider having just a barber who understands you and knows where to stop.

3. You Need to Stay Safe

Once you’ve identified a good barber, you need to stick to him. And one reason for this is that you need to stay safe. Changing from one barber to another is not the ideal thing to do because every barber has a barbing style. Barbers can be likened to nurses who give injections to patients. When you are being injected by some nurses you might not feel any pain. In fact, you might not know that you were injected. Meanwhile, if another nurse gives the same injection you might feel the pain. This is the same for barbers. Some barbers are too hard, you feel wounded after they finish with you. So it is advisable that you maintain a good barber.