Another weekend of football is ended and much has happened. New heroes have been created while some professionals need lessons on how to do their jobs (yes Super Eagles…that means you). A lot happened over the last weekend and I just wanted to share a few stuff that stuck out for me. Let’s start with what pissed me off.

What Nonsense?

After following the Super Eagles through their much publicized training camp in France, plus the friendlies that promised little (but the NFF still made good PR out of them), not to mention the media parlays leading up to the SA game where the players kept speaking like the result was a given, I ACTUALLY thought that Super Eagles were done giving us BS. As it turns out, they have loads of BS to give. I just feel sorry for the people who packed the stadium to watch the awful football that was on display; they are the real victims. At NO point during the game did we see anything like a team that wanted to win. I have read reports about this game being a chance to try out a few new experiments before the team faces Cameroon in some weeks’ time. If that is true, then I’m totally right about Super Eagles not done with the BS. THIS IS A QUALIFIER…in your backyard…AGAINST SOUTH AFRICA (No offense but most teams would have slaughtered them at home) and you couldn’t even score ONE goal? Then we conceded two…probably the same way we conceded them when SA was last in Uyo. Have we learned nothing from that time? After preaching about the team being ready, Onazi and Rohr came out after to talk about the team being young and easily frustrated, and missing some experienced heads…WTF? Nobody needed to hear that story. And if this was a warm-up for the Cameroon game, we are NOT looking good. Cameroon will not even be worried right now…in fact, they’ve already planned the parade they’ll have after they disgrace us. On a side note, I wonder how some people managed to hear the wrong details laid out during the match commentary of the game. It was the most BORING commentary I ever listened to, plus I was pissed about the game itself. If what those commentators said was true, then they’re awful at their job and should be fired. That’s all I can say because they’re nowhere near my problem right now. Moving on…

That’s how Nigeria helped England win World Cup

A few years after winning the Euro Under-17 Championship, England have taken their game up a notch and won the FIFA Under-20 World Cup. Good for them, as they have now given Sky Sports and every UK tabloid something to cheer about (yay!). They were actually good in this tournament though. They played some great football at times and scored some good goals. What really stuck out for me was their resolve when things weren’t going their way during games. They were determined to keep it together and not lose the games. They had big characters in the team who stood up when it counted and delivered. Now, what REALLY stuck out for me was the number of my countrymen in that squad. Up to SIX Nigerian boys were in the team with most them playing a lot during this tournament. Solanke, Lookman (that can’t be spelt right), Ojo, Onomah, Tomori, & Iorfa were in the squad that won this trophy…for England. Solanke was a big part of the Under-17 team that was successful at the Euros a couple of years back and he’s here again. Now there’s talk of them being fast-tracked into the senior squad so Nigeria can’t come near them. I won’t be surprised if that’s what the English FA wants…they’re still pissed about losing Moses and Iwobi. However, I’m a fan of having foreign-born Nigerians come home and play for us. They’re better trained, and more professional…our guys could learn a thing or two from them. Moves like that can improve our football. Look at how good the Algerian team is; most of their guys are French-born. We can’t keep losing talent to Europe. Yes, we had nothing to do with their development but there’ll always be a Kane or Vardy who will keep these guys away from enjoying international football. Why shouldn’t they enjoy that with Nigeria? Mr Pinnick…over to you.


Other International Thoughts

More international games were on this last weekend with some great results being recorded. As an Arsenal fan, it was great to see Giroud score that amazing goal for France (only for Lloris to ruin it all at the end) and Xhaka looking good as well for Switzerland. Germany did the usual by using San Marino to launch the international careers of some of their players. Last time out, Gnabry became a Bayern target when he scored his hat-trick against these guys, now Wagner is on the map as well. Just like Ronaldo, Lewandowski is the only one that knows how to score in his country. England and Scotland played out a classic at Hampden Park. Joe Hart just reminded us why Guardiola needs to get rid of him FAST and Harry Kane did not do badly in his audition to be England’s next full-time captain. I feel for Scotland though, they missed a great opportunity here. The last time they beat England at home was 33 years ago! Back in Africa, Ghana were not playing as they ran riot against Ethopia (showing Nigeria how the business is done). Even Libya got their act together and did their job. As for Ivory Coast though, it looks like Wilmots may just be the worst decision they’ve ever made.


It was a fun weekend, regardless of how I‘ve made it look. Confederations Cup is on the horizon and I’m looking forward to a lot of football over the coming weeks. At least something to numb the annoyance of watching Akpeyi forgetting that as a keeper, when you catch the ball, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HOLD IT!!