Author: Babatunde Oladele

How to Know the Right Time for Any Investment

Timing is an important issue for investors. In fact, acting at the correct time determines whether an investor would bring home the bacon in his investment or not. When investment is done at the wrong time, it could be disastrous and might not generate returns. Successful investors are people who understand the times and seasons for investments and take advantage of such times and seasons. It is not enough to know about the investment you want to get into, you also need to know the right time to venture into it. When deciding to invest in any venture, we...

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Caring for Your Eyes

The eyes are the light of the body. They are irreplaceable when they go bad and can only be prevented from going bad if they are properly taken care of. For those who do not have inherited bad sight conditions, they might have inflicted the pain of poor sight on themselves through poor eye care. Binocular, 20-20 vision is regarded as the standard visual acuity which translates to clear detailed vision. But this is rarely the case in both young and old, hence the need for painstaking care of the eyes. It is important to discard some of the myths...

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Preparing for Marriage

Preparation, they say, is the mother of manifestation. Preparation will save you from error and failure. To succeed in life we must be committed to discipline and adequate preparation. Success does not come by chance or luck, it comes by preparing for it. People who are enjoying and succeeding in marriage are those who took time to prepare and plan for their marital life. You don’t prepare in marriage, you prepare for marriage. Marriage is not a wedding ceremony that you can start preparing for few weeks/months to the date. For you to succeed in marriage you must start...

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Married to a Woman That Changed Overnight

Tunji Ilori from Oyo state wrote: I got married as a promising young man with a fairly good job in the telecoms industry. Life was good for us as a couple until I was forced to resign 12 years into marriage. Following heavy persuasion from my wife, I spent the bulk of my severance allowance on building a house in our village. I then invested the rest in starting a business. Unfortunately, the business failed in less than two years. Since then, my wife has been carrying the financial burden of the family and as a result, she has suddenly...

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Travelling As an Adventure

Travelling around the world can be an adventure. It can equally be a hobby. However, it can scare others to death. To these people, traveling is a necessary evil. I have a strange ambition to visit all parts of the world. Notice that I didn’t say all countries of the world. I mean all places. When I say places, I mean spaces. For instance, Nigeria has 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory. My own ambition is not only to visit all these states, but also the Local Government Areas (774 of them) and the seemingly countless communities therein...

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