Author: Babatunde Oladele

There Is a Country

What happens when an organism suddenly stops growing? If we agree with the evolutionists that the main purpose of life is growth or “to evolve”, then the extinction of certain creatures like dinosaurs from planet earth might be traceable to the fact that they suddenly stopped growing. A cell that stops growing and fails to subdivide or die becomes cancerous and useless. Similarly, when our leaders continually apply the same old, failed methods in our public life, it shows stagnation and portends danger for the country’s growth. In his book, There Was a Country, Professor Chinua Achebe concluded that...

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What Will Electric Cars Mean for the Road Trip of the Future?

Recent advancements in technology have helped to translate science fiction from futuristic imagination to present reality. In the 16th century for instance, it was practically impossible for an object to fly in the air. But today we have aircraft of various types. Electromagnetic systems have made it possible to have a speed train that can move faster than an airplane. These so called fictions of the past century are our own present reality. Automobile lovers have not stopped there. They have advanced to asking what the transforming power of an electric car will mean for the road trip of...

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How to Handle Difficult Situations

As children, we learnt to deal with situations rather interestingly. But as adults we practically forgot how we dealt with the issues as children because our consciousness has changed. I watched Saridat, my cousin’s daughter who was a toddler in 2011 while I was writing my final year project, learn to walk. As she was doing this sometimes with frustration I discovered that the excuses which we as adults would have given didn’t deter her from moving on. I noticed she didn’t have the following usual excuses as she learnt to stand up and walk: 1. I don’t want...

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4 Ways to Maintain Your Wardrobe on a Simple Budget

Maintaining an up-to-date wardrobe is a challenge for many men because of the financial commitment involved. As a man, you probably feel there are more significant matters to commit your funds to, but this shouldn’t stop you from updating your wardrobe and replacing worn out shirts. Neglecting your wardrobe translates to having limited apparels to select from when you need to attend events. This takes away your power of choice as you are left with no option than to make do with what you have. You don’t want to be in such a state. It is important that you...

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15 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Non-techies

In the early days of the electronic revolution, computer literacy was considered an added advantage in the workplace. However, in today’s increasingly digital world, it is taken for granted. Everyone is expected to have basic computer skills. You don’t have to be a techie to be able to perform basic tasks on a computer. And knowing the right keyboard shortcuts could even make your work easier and faster. Here are 15 keyboard shortcuts that you are likely to use on a frequent basis. Please note that these shortcuts are for computers using the Windows operating system. 1. Ctrl + A...

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