Author: Babatunde Oladele

How to Set “ASMART” Goals

There are several ways to set and attain a goal, but in this article, I will be mentioning how to set and attain goals using a business model called ASMART. I hope that if you are able to understand this methodology and apply it to your future aspirations it will get you closer to attaining them. ASMART is an acronym which means: A for Aligned, S for Specific, M for Measurable, A for Achievable, R for Realistic, and T for Time-bound. The ASMART model for setting and achieving goals is a useful resource for any individual trying to achieve...

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How to Make Your Spouse Special Every Day

It is a pity that many people across the world only remember the word “love” during the Valentine season. This shouldn’t be the case because love should be an everyday affair. Your love for your spouse should increase and get stronger by the day. It should not be limited to once in 365 days. Lovers are tempted greatly to shower extreme love only on Valentine’s Day. That should not be the case for genuine love. The flame of love should be kept burning all day and lighted all night long. So, how can you make your partner special every...

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How to Take Your Place as a Point Man

The greatest disservice a man can do to himself is to doubt his ability as a leader. Leadership is inherent in us because we have been created to occupy this position in nature. The challenge with most men today is what Leonardo da Vinci pointed out when he said: “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” If only men would wake up to the consciousness of their position as point men, they would begin to act accordingly. Various dictionaries define a point man as the soldier at the head of a patrol or the leader of...

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That Herbal Concoction May Be Killing You

In most cases, herbs or botanical medicines used in diverse treatments today lack compositional, empirical formula that would have revealed in what amounts they must be taken. The makeup of this sort of medicines is such that each of the plants that contribute to the entire concoction brings its own chemicals to the mix and studies show that not all herbs can be used at all states. For example, some herbs have juices that are no better than the venoms of asps when they are still green or fresh. Furthermore, neglecting that there is an exact composition suitable for...

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The Parable of Dollars by Sam Adeyemi

In The Parable of Dollars, Sam Adeyemi draws out practical principles for financial success from the Bible story commonly referred to as “The Parable of Talents”. The book title is inspired by the fact that the talent was a currency used in the days of Christ just as the dollar is an international currency today. The author seeks to remind readers of the things they might have learnt on finances from the Bible while also igniting a spark that would motivate them to take practical steps towards proactive wealth creation. Starting on the premise that we are God’s stewards,...

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