Tunde Agbaje may win the “lover of the year” award. The Punch, a few days ago, reported that he trekked from Lagos to Zaria in 19 days to prove to a lady that he loves her and wants to marry her. He even informed the Emir of Zaria of his movement. He was hospitalized for few days after the trek-for-love which was monitored by his friends and a GPS tracker.   

He had tried unsuccessfully to win Sharon Donald’s love. He said he persisted, adding that when Sharon Donald didn’t bulge, he decided to do “what no man can do for her.” Meanwhile, Sharon Donald said she knew Agbaje was embarking on the trek, adding that she warned him against it.    

Sharon said she never had any relationship with him, describing him as a stalker. She said, “Tunde Agbaje has been harassing and stalking me for the past six years and as far as I am concerned, this is just a new escapade in a series of his harassments. “I met Tunde at a church when I was living in Lagos and we were both part of the youth ministry.

He never had a friendship, let alone a relationship, with me. I was in a music group and some of the youths had my phone number, including him. He later called me and said he was going to trek to prove his love for me. In a non-violent way, I told him not to do it because he could die. I said that not because I cared, but just for Christian charity. 

How can one still be stalking a woman who has turned one down for six years? Is this Ije muna love (The journey of love) or what?
From Lagos to Zaria is 975 kilometers. What do you think of the man and how the lady treated him after the trek? 

Can you trek from Lagos to Zaria because of love?