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6 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Before 7 am

Successful entrepreneurs are a unique breed of individuals. They sacrifice a lot of things to ensure the smooth running of their businesses. In fact, they are very obsessed with being an entrepreneur. For them, they don’t joke with their morning schedule because if they start off the day on the wrong note, they may not be very productive or motivated. Hence, they ensure that they do not miss their morning routine. Jumia Travel, the online travel agency identifies the things successful entrepreneurs do before 7 am. They are prepared for the day They sleep early and wake very early to...

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5 Reasons Why A Co-working Space Is A Must For Up And Coming Entrepreneurs

Working closely with other people instead of at home or Café Neo (a wonderful coffee shop in Lagos) is a pretty awesome experience for many entrepreneurs. As a start-up with little cash to play around with, it makes a lot of business sense to opt for a co-working space. But you may be asking, what is a co-working space, and why should I choose to work from one? Our friends at LeadSpace have the answers for you. What is a Co-working Space? A co-working space in its simplest term is a shared work environment. It’s a great place for...

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The Most Important Business Question EVER For Entrepreneurs

When asked what was the most important business question ever, management guru Peter Drucker answered: “What is our business?” Defining your business is the most important task all entrepreneurs need to do in order to succeed in their venture. Your business is not the product/service you offer. Your business is not the industry you are in. That you sell dogs, is not your business; so do many others like you. That you make clothes, is not your business; so do many others like you. That you manage events, is not your business; so do many others like you. Your...

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7 Deadly Entrepreneurial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Entrepreneurs are humans and all humans are prone to mistakes. As the saying goes, “no one is above mistake”. But you must also know that all mistakes are not created equal, some mistakes are more deadly than others, especially in business. So in this article, I want to open your eyes to some of the deadly mistakes entrepreneurs make in their journey to change the world and profit from purpose. As always, I encourage you to join in this conversation by sharing from your own unique experience in the comment section at the end of this article. The seven...

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