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How NOT to Start a Business

A journey that begins with a wrong step seldom ends at the right destination. Becoming your own boss has sort of gained a global appeal. These days many people start up their own businesses for virtually any reason. Somehow it doesn’t seem to count anymore what led people to go into business, going into business has suddenly become the new mantra of the 21st century. Obviously, this global trend is as a result of several factors, some of which are: the emergence of the Internet, the unreliability of job security, the God-like attention given to successful entrepreneurs, the rise of the...

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11 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business

The concept of entrepreneurship has been made to look so appealing that everyone dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. While this is not out of place, many people are going about it the wrong way. Why do you really want to be an entrepreneur and what value are you bringing to the market? These are basic issues that you must settle before venturing on the path of entrepreneurship. You shouldn’t just focus on the destination, you should be even more mindful of the path and the vehicle that will get you there. It is important that you know what entrepreneurship...

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Become a Student of Business

Why are you in business? And are you a student of business? You need to determine your motivation for being in business; and in turn have the business set up with realistic, attainable expectations and goals. Of course, profit is a key factor but you also need to understand the dynamics of business. Your business has only one big boss. And it’s not you. It’s your customer. Business is about strategy – thought – and understanding the needs of the customer and what the customer wants. Those are the things that create profit. Most business people don’t understand why...

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