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How to Know the Right Time for Any Investment

Timing is an important issue for investors. In fact, acting at the correct time determines whether an investor would bring home the bacon in his investment or not. When investment is done at the wrong time, it could be disastrous and might not generate returns. Successful investors are people who understand the times and seasons for investments and take advantage of such times and seasons. It is not enough to know about the investment you want to get into, you also need to know the right time to venture into it. When deciding to invest in any venture, we...

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5 Keys to Profitable Investment

The goal of every investor is to make profit. This is why investors like to ascertain the viability of investment business venture before plunging into it. While some investors refer to their financial advisers before taking any decision, other successful investors have mastered the art of looking for key indicators that give some clue as to the success rate of their proposed investments. This enables them to take calculated risks which separate investors who succeed from those who fail. After all, life itself is about risk taking. An investor who doesn’t take time to do his research before venturing...

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Inefficiencies of the MLM Business Model

I love business, especially small businesses and I love aspiring entrepreneurs but I hate to see my relatives and friends trying to offload ridiculously priced items which they know next to nothing about on unsuspecting people. MLM – or Multi-Level Marketing – is a form of sales where a company tries to sell a product by recruiting distributors who will also recruit distributors, who will also recruit distributors (etc.) and promises that each level recruited can make money through the sales of the level beneath. MLM products are usually sold as being of very high quality, at least as...

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Creating Opportunities in a Harsh Environment

There is a popular saying that opportunities abound everywhere. However, it takes diligent hands to find them. Investors and businesspeople are always in search for opportunities they can invest in. Investors are generally sceptical about opportunities that are open to everyone because what is known to all is probably no longer an opportunity, especially in terms of investing. Most investors would rather go in search of hidden opportunities that can be explored. Even when the environment is harsh, they see beyond the environment to the investment they want to make. The environment of Africa is an example of a...

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4 Smart Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

If you’re an entrepreneur or investor looking where to invest your money with good returns, the following are smart investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can leverage on. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 smart investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can take advantage of. Livestock Farming This is one of the fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria especially with the federal government’s ban on the importation of live or frozen poultry beds. It’s generally a booming business in Nigeria and with the 170+ millions mouths to feed, there will always be demand for livestock. The major challenges...

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