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Nurturing Your Agro Investment

There is no disputing the fact that measuring returns on investment is the only way to make good account of your money and time. The challenge is that many invest in some sectors without counting the cost. Every sector has its own challenges and procedures to be followed to make a good return on investment. Most investors would rather not take risk, but choose to remain with the old and familiar without making significant progress. The giant investors we know today are risk takers, and they understand the trend for any investment before they choose to go after it....

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5 Reasons Hidden Investments Fail

Every investor knows that investment is a risky move they have to take. But some believe that they can avoid the risk if they take calculated steps. This is true for some cases, while it’s not correct for others. One of the areas where investors experience notable failure is in hidden investments. This is because they fall prey to the factors that govern such investments. A hidden investment is an investment difficult to be identified by the public, but shielded for the interest of a few people. This kind of investment is known by a privileged few, who then...

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Take Advantage of Africa’s $14bn Social Media Industry

There has been a tremendous change in the way businesses run in Africa. Different sectors have restructured and realigned with the advancement in social media. The evolution of social media has really affected the way businesses are done on the continent. This has brought businesses in this part of the world up to speed with latest developments in the business world. Social media is a platform for interaction that helps users communicate directly with their friends and even strangers. In fact, in recent times it has helped to increase the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the continent. Social media...

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