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Personal Financial Lessons from Gov. Peter Obi’s Speech at Covenant Christian Centre

Not everyone can govern a state, let alone have the courage to go against the existing norms to show frugality and resourcefulness in managing the affairs of a state, putting key projects and systems in place as well as leaving quiet a handful resources for one’s successor. With the realities of recession starring in our faces, I believe there are key personal financial lessons we can abstract both directly and indirectly from our proud Governors’ speech. He did show an ingenious understanding of money and its nature.   Here are few of such lessons; you can always add yours; It is foolish to allow your expected expenditure exceeds your expected revenue, except capital expenditure far exceeds recurrent expenditure for the period concern. Borrowing can sometimes be cool, what you are borrowing for is what counts. Spend for growth; in other words, have systems in place that increases your net asset or net worth directly or indirectly. Investment in capital projects such as building a house, buying accruing assets, opening businesses, making sound investment decisions, increasing savings comes in here Net asset is the real deal. What do you think you are worth now? Never borrow to feed your lifestyle, even if you have streams of revenue to fall back on Every extra penny can be put to a valuable use Know what is taking your funds. For some people...

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Spending or Saving: Which Pays More?

This topic is not immune to controversies, as it is capable of generating lots of comments from all divides. And the interesting thing here is that everyone would relate to this according to where the prevailing interest lies. Many talks have gone beforehand as regards when one should spend or save. Some spend before giving consideration to save the leftover, while others prefer the opposite. Which is your choice of this two? Whichever side you belong, your reasons for spending or saving finds you out, as either being wasteful or prudent; wise or foolish; ignorant or knowledgeable. A call...

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Top 10 bloggers in Nigeria

The internet has become a huge market place in the last few years. And varying business models have taken off based on this fact. One of them is blogging, nowadays everyone seems to have a blog. Many bloggers are getting broke and leaving blogging to do other things mainly because they don’t have the patience to see it through. A few bloggers however have actually made it big, from blogging.  If you are interested in blogging, learn all you can then, who knows you may be the next Linda Ikeji. Our metrics for calculating this is very simple, basically we...

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10 Richest Business Men in Nigeria

Some of the richest people in Africa are Nigerians. Until the naira crash, Dangote was the 25th richest man in the world. The richest black man and black women in the world are Nigerians. This should tell you something, myriads of opportunities abound in Nigeria. Where problems abound are opportunities to make money. If you can proffer a solution, people will be willing to pay for it. There’s really no need fighting tooth and nail to leave this country. This is a list of the richest businessmen in Nigeria. Our metrics for calculating this includes the size of their...

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Important Guide to Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is a topic that can hold one’s attention as long as it lasted. It is what everyone wants to listen to and experience. But not everyone has the basic idea of how it could be achieved. As sweet as it sounds, wealth creation is a process which demands adequate and sustained financial skill (whether learnt or guided), discipline, and technical know-how to bring it to fruition.   Few means to wealth creation are:   Investment Investment is committing your money or finances into a venture in order to make profit at a maturity date. Knowledge about investments...

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