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7 kinds of people you find in every Nigerian Office

Whether you are a veteran with over 20 years of experience under your belt or a fresh-faced newbie straight out of the university, a Nigerian office can be a war zone for anyone. A complex social environment with a wide variety of personalities, you find you have to work with different types of people that you may or may not like to achieve a common goal with. Of course, each working environment can differ greatly according to its industry and company culture, however, there are certain types of people you’re destined to meet in every workplace in Nigeria. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal, reveals seven of these types of people and how to avoid strangling each one. The Oppressor Usually an uptight authority figure in the firm, the oppressor makes things tense for everyone. They are extremely demanding and have very unrealistic expectations. No matter how hard you try to impress them, it seems like you just can’t do enough.  While it may seem impossible to change this person’s attitude, however, you always have the power to control yours. Try flipping your perspective and seeing things from your supervisor’s point of view, no matter how hard it seems, and you will find you may be able to better understand how they work and why they expect the things they do. While this may not make them less demanding, it can relieve...

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5 Capsules To Keep Your Passion at Work

Most managers are startled when a performing employee becomes redundant. This is because they believe such people are passionate about their work. This sudden change is what they often are puzzled about.

Statistics have shown that such employees are in short supply.

A study by Gallop, a global performance management company, shows that only 13% of all staffs in 142 countries reviewed are engaged and passionate about they do.

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How Effective Is Your Communication?

Many people agree that communication is one of the things that makes us human, but whether we do it effectively is another matter altogether. Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life. My job, for instance, require that I have strong communication skills. People with good communication skills usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends and family haven’t you notice that?

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