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Why Excellent Customer Service Pays

As I was having a conversation with a friend, then he shared this story with me; This is how much, offering Customer Service with excellence can get you. Some people may describe going an extra length for others when the pay back is little or non- existent as an act of stupidity. This assumption is not always right. The interview below clearly explains an instance of such:

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Why You Should Do Things the Meerkat Way

Meerkats are extremely social kind of animals, they often groom or play with each other. They tend to live in groups (‘gangs’ or ‘mobs’) of around 20 individuals, although far larger groups are not uncommon. Meerkat groups use several different burrows, moving between them regularly. The burrows have a range of tunnels and different ‘rooms’, and allow the meerkats to remain cool during hot periods. Meerkats have highly developed senses of smell, hearing and vision. The black bands around the eyes help protect them from the glare of the African sun. They also have specific vocalisations to communicate different...

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Four Ways to Stand Out as a Professional

The extent of your career growth is often connected to your conduct, the way people perceive you in the corporate environment. To have a fast career growth, employers expect you to have a professional conduct. They want to have a perception of you as someone they can rely on to handle tasks and other projects as a professional. I have come to know that becoming a professional in whatever one does takes a conscious and deliberate effort. Professionalism is the touch we give to what we do that makes it different from the ordinary service we see every day. In...

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