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Advancing Your Career through Self Development

Everyone desires career growth but only those who spend time to invest in themselves usually get to the point where they live their dreams. Most people are motivated, but motivation is not enough because the bridge that connects motivation to reality is discipline. What I’m emphasising is that apart from listening to motivational speakers and reading motivational books, you need discipline to make your dreams a reality. And it is not a one-off thing, it takes consistency to achieve success. This agrees with the view of the late American businessman, Jim Rohn, whose formula for success, says “Success is...

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How to Advance Your Career through Social Media

Social media as a platform for communication has transformed human interaction and introduced an innovative style of reaching people in a virtual world. Like many other inventions, it has developed to become a tool that can be utilised in promoting one’s career. It’s a platform where you experience content sharing of all types, from simply expressing an opinion to discussing thematic issues with divergent views or a general idea accepted by the public. Today, people are exposed to diverse kinds of information. This information could help in personal development and also enhance one’s career. As much as social media...

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12 Ways to Make Yourself an Asset in Any Set-up (Part 2)

This is the concluding part of our article on how to make yourself an asset in any set-up. Click on this link to read the preceding part of the article. We highlighted four points in the first part. Find eight more below. 5. Assets help the set-up or the organisation to perform better Now, there is a difference between faster and better – faster in terms of speed, better in terms of process. Assets help the set-up to perform better. They help the set-up to get things done in a better way so they are seen in better light...

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12 Ways to Make Yourself an Asset in Any Setup (Part 1)

In any setup, be it an organisation, church, marriage, ministry, your street or wherever you find yourself, there are certain things you can do to make yourself an asset. An asset is something or someone that adds significant value and is highly prized or considered indispensable. When organisations are downsizing and they have to lay off people, they usually audit all the individuals on their payroll to see the ones they can do away with. While it is generally believed that nobody is indispensable, the truth is that in any setup, there are usually one, two or a few...

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13 Tips on How to Be a Star Performer (Part 2)

Everyone loves the satisfaction that comes with being a star performer. Here is the concluding part of our article on how you can achieve this status in your sphere of calling. Please click here to read the first part. 8. Manage your time There is time and season for everything. But you have to ascertain the time and then manage yourself within it. If you manage time well, you can manage money effectively. A reason why people have poor financial situation is because they do not manage their time well. Time is intangible, we don’t see it; we only...

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