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How Becoming a Father Changes Your Brain

As the father of 12-week-old twins, I was intrigued to see a new paper has been published looking at the brain changes associated with fatherhood. Before now, nearly all human research on the neural effects of parenting has been focused on mothers. When you become a dad, it’s like a plate has been set spinning in your brain (or two in my case) – suddenly, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, you have this restless vigilance for your fragile offspring. And then there’s the time spent playing and feeding, when you’re alert to every flicker of...

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Knowing Your World (Continuation)

Still on the topic: Know Your World, today’s discourse will be dwelling on climate. What’s climate? Climate is simply the average weather condition of a place taken between periods spanning at least 35 to 40 years. Picking from that, it is clear that the study of climate is not a child’s play; it involves a lot of diligent waiting. Such climatic information can be applied by agricultural experts, scientists, geographical agencies etc. And whether these climatic data are employed by those mentioned or are not, it does not rule out how our daily living is influenced by them. And...

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It’s Rainy Season: Caution Against Termite Strike

It’s rainy season and we are glad it’s here. But we should bear in mind of the looming danger of pests like termite as the incidence of rainfall draws back. Of course they are present underneath, somewhere hidden to the human eyes for now but can surface when anyone least expected. Areas reached by underground water could displace organisms residing there, and some of those are the termites. It’s a known fact that termite thrive in rotten wood materials, moisture-laden environment, etc. And that’s why the Valour Digest is drawing your attention to some precautions needful now and then....

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Guiding Tips to Managing Your Phone

Giving conscientious thought to how you manage your mobile phone(s) would save you a lot of needless cost and inconvenience. Your mobile equipment serves many benefits like enabling telecommunications via voice calls, Short Messaging Services (SMS), Multimedia Service, internet access, geographic location access, etc. Thought should also be given to other privileges such as video coverage, photo shooting, gaming, etc. Apart from the mentioned benefits, permissively termed the basics, it is also common to all phone users, including you, that this essential mobile equipment defines the owner’s personality. The perception of people about smart phone users is that they...

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6 Ways To Protect Elders From Scams

Elders are very much vulnerable to financial and internet fraud because of their advanced age. As a result, some rogues take advantage of this to defraud them. They may not even be aware of this. You will simply notice that your aged mum or dad keep asking for money every week. Hence, it is very important for you to shield or protect them from fraud. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares ways to do this. Limit marketing calls  Since elders are always at home,  they are more susceptible to scammers who might target their phones. You can...

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