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Safety Tips to Consider this Rainy Season

Now that the rain is here, it is important we take due precautions against risks associated with the season. Taking precautions suggest we already know the risks and responsive actions to be taken to tackle them. Rainy season is known for frequent rainfalls, high humidity, coldness, wind storms, etc. In these parts, where roads are in shambles, complemented by no or poor drainages, improper disposal of waste and faulty electric cables and poles, it is more difficult to deal with attendant risks during rainfall. On many occasions rural dwellers and residents in suburbs of major cities are left to...

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6 Signs Of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a different kind of intelligence that involves being able to identify emotions (in yourself and in others) to understand their effect and use that information to guide your feelings, thinking and behaviors. Emotional intelligence is a skill that is sharpened with practice; no one is born with the automatic tendency or ability to manage their emotions. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 signs of emotional intelligence. You’re Reflective You think about feelings a lot, you’re reflective and tend to question your feelings. You ask yourself questions like, “Why am I feeling this way?”, “Does my...

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Knowing Your World (Part 2)

The last discuss on this topic on the Valour Digest dwelt on earthquakes, time calculation, distance, location of places and pressure. This piece is to deal with proves that support the spherical nature of the earth. For those who have not had the opportunity of boarding an aircraft (aero plane, helicopter, jetfighter, rocket or space shuttle etc), it is simply a hard adventure trying to fantasize what the earth looks like, except reliving geographic shots in documentaries, films or literature.   Many years ago, it was difficult to believe the earth was round, spherical or circular, whichever is appropriate....

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Knowing Your World

Knowing our world is a necessity for everyone, whether you care for such knowledge or not. The parts of the world we live notwithstanding, the basic knowledge of time, space, distance, location, land formations and other information of geography must be in our cognitive kitty. And as we progress in our living, we can bear along these variables as it affects what we do and how we do them. This is because as we continue with life, lots of natural happenings beset us daily and some of those happenings are far beyond our comfortable understanding and we find it...

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Essence of Team Work

What is team work? Team work is a collective effort of each unit or member of a body aimed at achieving a common goal. A common goal suggests every member is aware of such goal and one thing is prime in their minds- getting the goal(s) by every means possible. Going by the common sayings that two heads are better than one; and the fact that a tree cannot make a forest, it is acceptable to note that working in a team is of great advantage to every team member. Such great advantage to each member is the ability...

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