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It’s Rainy Season: Caution Against Termite Strike

It’s rainy season and we are glad it’s here. But we should bear in mind of the looming danger of pests like termite as the incidence of rainfall draws back. Of course they are present underneath, somewhere hidden to the human eyes for now but can surface when anyone least expected. Areas reached by underground water could displace organisms residing there, and some of those are the termites. It’s a known fact that termite thrive in rotten wood materials, moisture-laden environment, etc. And that’s why the Valour Digest is drawing your attention to some precautions needful now and then....

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Food to Watch Out for In Checking Baldness or Hair Loss

It is the common practice of the Valour Digest to always get our readers acquainted with beneficial information as to help make them become better people. And picking it up from the last edition “Wrong Notions You Must Not Take In About Hair Loss”, it is also important to supply you the needful to work with. That’s why you should ponder on this offerings from the Valour Digest team on the dietary changes you must observe to help grow back your hair, as well as keep a healthy hair. Please take note that these do not preclude other possible...

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Basic Health Facts You Must Know

Do you know if you follow the water therapy for 3 months religiously, your skin, body and organs will function well?   Breakfast is the most important meal in a day. You need not miss it for anything else. You risk a low sugar level by skipping your breakfast.   Red meat is dangerous to your health, therefore refrain from it.   Cultivate the habit of smiling at all times. It will help prolong your life span, make you younger and healthier.   Do you know honey and banana are very helpful to making your skin glow? Include these...

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Guiding Tips to Managing Your Phone

Giving conscientious thought to how you manage your mobile phone(s) would save you a lot of needless cost and inconvenience. Your mobile equipment serves many benefits like enabling telecommunications via voice calls, Short Messaging Services (SMS), Multimedia Service, internet access, geographic location access, etc. Thought should also be given to other privileges such as video coverage, photo shooting, gaming, etc. Apart from the mentioned benefits, permissively termed the basics, it is also common to all phone users, including you, that this essential mobile equipment defines the owner’s personality. The perception of people about smart phone users is that they...

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Allergies: What Can You Make of Them?

Allergies could be regarded as reactions, sensitivities, dislikes, etc, which make an individual uncomfortable after being exposed to an irritation or stimulus. Such irritation or stimulus include but not limited to any of these: dust, drug, smoke, food substances, strong smell, cold and insect bite, amongst a list of others. Sometimes, we feel unsettled by the smell prevalent in an environment, be it a room, office, etc, and depending on individual adaptability, it could lead to acute effects, like vomiting, coughing, sneezing, restlessness and spitting. Have you ever developed itching after sleeping on beddings or something similar? Then, what...

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