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Caring for Your Eyes

The eyes are the light of the body. They are irreplaceable when they go bad and can only be prevented from going bad if they are properly taken care of. For those who do not have inherited bad sight conditions, they might have inflicted the pain of poor sight on themselves through poor eye care. Binocular, 20-20 vision is regarded as the standard visual acuity which translates to clear detailed vision. But this is rarely the case in both young and old, hence the need for painstaking care of the eyes. It is important to discard some of the myths...

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That Herbal Concoction May Be Killing You

In most cases, herbs or botanical medicines used in diverse treatments today lack compositional, empirical formula that would have revealed in what amounts they must be taken. The makeup of this sort of medicines is such that each of the plants that contribute to the entire concoction brings its own chemicals to the mix and studies show that not all herbs can be used at all states. For example, some herbs have juices that are no better than the venoms of asps when they are still green or fresh. Furthermore, neglecting that there is an exact composition suitable for...

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Why You Must Handle Wastes Responsibly

Poor waste disposal is increasingly becoming a major public health concern, especially in our cities. The menace of refuse on our streets is symbolic of a larger collapse and communal disarrangement, and I honestly wonder what bogus image of ourselves we can afford to project which the filths on our roads won’t defile. The tidiness of the highways and their adjacent drains are the first impression that we can give to people visiting our communities. This is perhaps why many of us play the ostrich about waste disposal. We deny the severity of the awful end of our poor...

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Remedy for Stinking Footwear

Coming in varieties of pairs, footwear could be made of cloth, leather or canvass. With regular use, shoes and socks tend to give off foul odours which can sometimes be perceived even after washing. This could create significant discomfort, especially when one is in company of other people. Besides its social and stress consequences, there is a risk of developing or aggravating toe sores from the activity of bacteria which usually thrive in warm and damp areas – a condition aptly facilitated by the shoes. Probing into the causes of smelly feet, scientists have discovered that this problem stems...

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