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Married to a Woman That Changed Overnight

Tunji Ilori from Oyo state wrote: I got married as a promising young man with a fairly good job in the telecoms industry. Life was good for us as a couple until I was forced to resign 12 years into marriage. Following heavy persuasion from my wife, I spent the bulk of my severance allowance on building a house in our village. I then invested the rest in starting a business. Unfortunately, the business failed in less than two years. Since then, my wife has been carrying the financial burden of the family and as a result, she has suddenly...

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Travelling As an Adventure

Travelling around the world can be an adventure. It can equally be a hobby. However, it can scare others to death. To these people, traveling is a necessary evil. I have a strange ambition to visit all parts of the world. Notice that I didn’t say all countries of the world. I mean all places. When I say places, I mean spaces. For instance, Nigeria has 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory. My own ambition is not only to visit all these states, but also the Local Government Areas (774 of them) and the seemingly countless communities therein...

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There Is a Country

What happens when an organism suddenly stops growing? If we agree with the evolutionists that the main purpose of life is growth or “to evolve”, then the extinction of certain creatures like dinosaurs from planet earth might be traceable to the fact that they suddenly stopped growing. A cell that stops growing and fails to subdivide or die becomes cancerous and useless. Similarly, when our leaders continually apply the same old, failed methods in our public life, it shows stagnation and portends danger for the country’s growth. In his book, There Was a Country, Professor Chinua Achebe concluded that...

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What Will Electric Cars Mean for the Road Trip of the Future?

Recent advancements in technology have helped to translate science fiction from futuristic imagination to present reality. In the 16th century for instance, it was practically impossible for an object to fly in the air. But today we have aircraft of various types. Electromagnetic systems have made it possible to have a speed train that can move faster than an airplane. These so called fictions of the past century are our own present reality. Automobile lovers have not stopped there. They have advanced to asking what the transforming power of an electric car will mean for the road trip of...

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Motorcycle Transportation: The Deadlock, The Way Forward

For many years, the operations of commercial motorcycle riders – popularly called “okada” in Nigerian parlance – were limited to rural areas. Then they served as the major means of transportation from motor parks to the hinterlands of rural communities, or as shuttle between the rural communities and the distant farms. But with the increase in the number of vehicles in our cities, coupled with the unending derelict state of most of our roads, which lead to heavy traffic congestion and its attending effects every day, motorcycles have found their ways into the scheme of things of our urban...

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