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Travelling As an Adventure

Travelling around the world can be an adventure. It can equally be a hobby. However, it can scare others to death. To these people, traveling is a necessary evil. I have a strange ambition to visit all parts of the world. Notice that I didn’t say all countries of the world. I mean all places. When I say places, I mean spaces. For instance, Nigeria has 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory. My own ambition is not only to visit all these states, but also the Local Government Areas (774 of them) and the seemingly countless communities therein...

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Giving Back to Your Alma Mater

Everyone one would have something to say about what his alma mater did for or to him. With the benefit of hindsight it may be quite nostalgic if you cast your mind back at the moments that were lived in that place where once you spent a great chunk of your life. To some people, their alma mater was some sort of a confinement that housed an even inner confinement- having guardrooms where they were practically ‘domesticated’ from their natural delinquent tendencies and to many others it was a free, roller coaster amusement park. To yet some other people...

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La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

The luxuries of life come from good economic power and as a reward which of course should be one good incentive for hard work. After a year of intense hard work, it was a great idea to go on a corporate retreat that afforded us an avenue to ease off the stress of the outgoing year while planning for the forthcoming year. Our corporate retreat saw us visiting the 65-hectare La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in December 2014, and I must confess it was a cherished experience of a lifetime. The resort is located at the Ibeju-Lekki area of...

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Creating Your Desired Ambience

Every place has its unique physical attributes that give it its ambience for specific purposes. Such attributes include outlook, temperature (climatic), sound and smell, all of which help define the general atmosphere of a place or situation. Our physical senses create a perception of a place in the mind and this reaches deep into the soul, harnessing our thoughts and fears and making us feel a certain way because of an associated memory even without physical proximity because of the existence of an associated memory. Also, little investigation will confirm what the psychologists say about the mind being a...

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Some of the Most Exquisite Places in the World You Should Visit

The ‘bubble house’ of Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France, is only 35 years old and has yet to be finished, but that hasn’t stopped the French ministry of culture from listing it as a historic monument. Designed in the 70s by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag for fashion designer Pierre Cardin, the bubble house has been futuristic yet organic, with lots of built-in furniture and oval, convex windows.

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