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Married to a Woman That Changed Overnight

Tunji Ilori from Oyo state wrote: I got married as a promising young man with a fairly good job in the telecoms industry. Life was good for us as a couple until I was forced to resign 12 years into marriage. Following heavy persuasion from my wife, I spent the bulk of my severance allowance on building a house in our village. I then invested the rest in starting a business. Unfortunately, the business failed in less than two years. Since then, my wife has been carrying the financial burden of the family and as a result, she has suddenly...

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Men in History (14th July)

1581        Jul 14, English Jesuit Edmund Campion was arrested 1853        Jul 14, Pres. Franklin Pierce opened the 1st industrial exposition in NY. Some 4,000 exhibitors gathered for a trade show at the New York Crystal Palace (later Bryant Park). 1946        Jul 14, Dr. Benjamin Spock’s “Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care” was published.   1976        Jul 14, Jimmy Carter won the Democratic presidential nomination by an overwhelming margin at the party’s convention in New York City.   1993        Jul 14, President Clinton visited flood-stricken Iowa for the second time in 10 days, telling flood victims to “hang in there.”  2000        Jul 14, In...

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Men Who Made History Today (3rd July)

1570        Jul 3, Antonio Paleario (67), Italian humanist, was executed by the inquisition. 1775        Jul 3, Gen. George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Mass. 1848        Jul 3, Gen. Peter Von Scholten, faced with the likely destruction of towns and plantations by a slave revolt, declared the slaves of the Danish West Indies (later US Virgin Islands) to be freed. 1871        Jul 3, Jesse James robbed a bank in Corydon, Iowa, of $45,000. 1950        Jul 3, US Pres. Truman signed public law 600. It provided federal statutory authorization for the people of Puerto Rico to write their own constitution.   1971       ...

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Men Who Made History Today (29th June)

1236        Jun 29, In Spain Christian forces under Ferdinand III of Castile and Leon took Cordoba. The last Islamic kingdom left in Spain is that of the Berbers in Granada. 1540        Jun 29, Thomas Cromwell, English ex-chancellor, was sentenced to death. 1746        Jun 29, Bonnie Prince Charlie fled in disguise to Isle of Skye. 1840        Jun 29, Lucien Bonaparte (65), prince of Canino, Musignano, died. 1860        Jun 29, Thomas Addison (67), English physician (A-Biermer Disease), died. 1881        Jun 29, Muhammad Ahmad (1844-1855) proclaimed himself as the Mahdi or messianic redeemer of the Islamic...

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Men Who Made History Today (20th June)

1867            Jun 20, Pres. Andrew Johnson announced the purchase of Alaska. 1923            Jun 20, Pres. Harding set out on a 7,500-mile “Voyage of Understanding” through the northwest. The 57-year-old Harding, who suffered from heart disease, was so shaken by breaking reports of corruption in his administration that he went on a cross-country speaking tour to strengthen his position. 1967        Jun 20, Boxer Muhammad Ali was convicted in Houston of violating Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted. He was soon sentenced to five years in prison but was released on appeal. His conviction was overturned...

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