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There Is a Country

What happens when an organism suddenly stops growing? If we agree with the evolutionists that the main purpose of life is growth or “to evolve”, then the extinction of certain creatures like dinosaurs from planet earth might be traceable to the fact that they suddenly stopped growing. A cell that stops growing and fails to subdivide or die becomes cancerous and useless. Similarly, when our leaders continually apply the same old, failed methods in our public life, it shows stagnation and portends danger for the country’s growth. In his book, There Was a Country, Professor Chinua Achebe concluded that...

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How to Replace Lost or Damaged Voter’s Card

A valid voters’ register and possession of voter’s card by each voter are vital for free and fair elections. A person must possess a voter’s card in order to be accredited and allowed to vote during an election. The card identifies the voter. Thus the voter’s name can be checked easily by the Presiding Officer or his assistant. It is therefore important that a person keeps his voter’s card safely, to prevent loss or damage. However, if a person loses his card or if it is damaged, the Independent National Electoral Commission can replace it. The procedure for replacement...

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The Gains and Pains of National Conference 2014

Delegates came from every corner of Nigeria, armed with a myriad of agenda all aimed at changing the course of the Nigerian nation. And as the whole nation waited with heated breath for five months to get the outcome of the conference, passionate discussions ensued at the National Judicial Institute – venue of the conference – with news reports diffusing the heat into almost every home in Nigeria as events unfolded on a daily basis. The number of ideas and proposals were as many as the groups that the delegates represented. Accusations and counter-accusations were not in short supply....

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The Rise of Economic Nationalism

Across the globe, trends of nationalization and economic nationalism have crept into the policies of nation-states recently. Fueled by popular nationalist sentiment, state elites have reasserted state control over resources connected with energy and industry and promoted the interests of a purely national economy. Economic nationalism has emerged as a powerful and attractive policy to press for national interests, achieve economic aims, and preserve the autonomy of individual nation-states in an increasingly internationalized world. Understanding how and why this process is taking place will be important to developing effective foreign policy and effective energy policy for the foreseeable future....

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