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Sport: Here’s to the Overdogs!

In sport, it might be impossible to talk about the overdogs without paying some attention to the underdogs. Underdogs are those at a disadvantage and as a result, are expected to lose. It is common for the neutrals – those who have no loyalty to any of the competing sides in a match – to take sides with the underdogs and this is easily understood from the standpoint that: The neutrals don’t want their own teams to share bragging rights with another big or rival team. The average sports fan prefers to be excited with surprises. Excitement is the...

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Let’s Talk about Sports Gambling

Though most religions do not specifically condemn gambling, betting, or lottery, they warn against dealing in indolence for money and they do teach to stay away from the love of money. In fact, a portion of the Bible says, “Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished, but he that gathers by labour shall increase.” In other words, what one does not work for does not enhance one’s worth. Gambling is the act involving two or more people staking a sum of money on the outcome of an uncertain event with each one being given fair chances of getting more money than was staked...

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Confed Cup and the Transfer Season

A happy Id El Fitr to my Muslim folks, who should be getting busy with the celebrations while reading this. Trust this fasting period has brought more enlightenment and uplifting that you asked for. On a broader scale, much has happened in that period. London is getting more attention than ever (my heart goes out to all those who have suffered losses from the attacks), the British elections took centre-stage, Etisalat has gotten into trouble, the Transfer Season has been quietly crazy, and the Confederations Cup has gone as planned (except for Russia and VAR). The Confederations Cup Semi-final...

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3 Take-Outs From This Last Football Weekend

Another weekend of football is ended and much has happened. New heroes have been created while some professionals need lessons on how to do their jobs (yes Super Eagles…that means you). A lot happened over the last weekend and I just wanted to share a few stuff that stuck out for me. Let’s start with what pissed me off. What Nonsense? After following the Super Eagles through their much publicized training camp in France, plus the friendlies that promised little (but the NFF still made good PR out of them), not to mention the media parlays leading up to...

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Cup Final Weekend: Five Takeaways I Got

Major cup finals were on show this last weekend as England, Germany and Spain played host once again to some fantastic football on display. France and Scotland also had cup finals to negotiate but I think many of us could have predicted Celtic and PSG winning their games (even though Barcelona was also another obvious favourite). It was a great football weekend, and even better for me because of the following reasons: Wenger Got to Stick It To His Critics…Again Going into last weekend, I read so many previews for the FA Cup final and trust me, any Arsenal...

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