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Nurturing Your Marital Romance

In my last article, I mentioned that romance must not be left to chance because whatever is left to chance depreciates. Someone may ask – What would be the case in a situation where one of the couple makes an effort and the other person is not bothered? In the course of my work as a coach and counsellor, I speak to a lot of spouses who feel exhausted, frustrated and numb because in spite of their best efforts, their spouses seem not to be reciprocating love or romance. It is like planting without yielding the harvest. A certain...

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Practical Tips for Becoming a Better Husband (Part 1)

1. Verbally tell her that you love her It’s amazing how many men are afraid to share their feelings. It’s even more startling to think about how many men never share their feelings with the one person they should be most comfortable with. Men, your wives need to hear the words, “I love you.” No, it’s not enough to assume she already knows you love her, neither is it enough to tell her “I love you” only in bed. In fact, if you haven’t told her lately – or have never told her before – it is likely that...

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What to Look out for in a Potential Wife

Choosing a spouse is a very important decision that should be approached prayerfully with practical judgment and Godly wisdom. Attraction alone is not sufficient ground on which to base your decision. There are fundamental qualities to look out for, some of which we are going to discuss in this article. The first quality is the fear of God. You need a wife that has a reverent devotion to God and puts her hope in Him. Without mutual faith in God, fulfilling your destiny as a married couple will be a farfetched dream. Furthermore, it will be impossible to satisfy...

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How To Know Your Relationship Won’t Last

Most people get into a relationship without knowing where the relationship is heading to. They get confused when they see their partners display certain behaviours towards them, behaviours which are indicators to what is to come. Here are tips that can help you tell if your relationship will last or not: 1.When your needs are not being met: One of the many signs to discern that your relationship is not working is if your needs are not being met. Though, it is not possible for you to completely meet up with the aspirations of your spouse, it is expected...

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20 Things You Should Be Doing To Your Wife Everyday

No honey-do list is more important than this. Give these things a try, and see the happiness it brings to both of you. Make your wife’s day, every day, with these simple acts that will remind her of your love for her. 1. TELL HER YOU LOVE HER You must tell her you love her more than once per day, including when you leave and when you come home. Because texting is so popular, you can even text her; although telling her face-to-face is the most important and intimate. Read: How to Make Your Wife Submit to Your Authority...

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