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Virtues vs Virginity

Virginity doesn’t make a lady a good wife, virtue does. Virginity is the state of the body but virtue is the state of her heart. You will break her virginity one day but will live with her virtues for life. What will give you peace as a man is not the virginity of a lady but her virtues in life. When you place your values on what is temporary, you will live to regret it when it has lost its value. While you are free to decide whether you want her a virgin or not…I will rather suggest you...

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Understanding the Dimensions of Romance

One of the qualities that men and women look out for in someone they want as a life partner is how romantic they are. Wives want their husbands to be romantic and vice versa. The art of romance can be mastered by whoever cares to know. Romance, as an act, means to make amorous advances towards someone you care about. It’s a way of saying to your spouse or partner they are worth pursuing. Foreplay and romance are not the same. Foreplay pursues the body while romance pursues the person. When two people are in a romantic relationship, their...

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Showing Love on Valentine’s Day

If you are a Nigerian, you will know that intrigues and anxiety mixed up to define 2015 Valentine season. February 14, 2015 was initially set aside for Nigeria’s presidential election before it was abruptly postponed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) few days to the election citing the need for the armed forces to fully fight the insurgency in the North East of the country. As a result of the anticipated election on February 14, many Nigerians have made little or no plans for the lovers’ day because of the expected traditional restriction on movement across the nation...

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4 Creative Ideas for a Romantic Christmas

Christmas is in the air. It is a time to exchange gifts among lovers and a time to give thanks for the year rolling by. Some people find it difficult to present creative gifts to their loved ones during this season. This article offers some creative romantic gifts you can present. It also provides practical ideas on how you can inflame the fire of your romance during Christmas season. Make a List of Your Spouse’s Attributes in the Year and Frame it You can list some of the desirable attributes that your spouse has developed in the course of...

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