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Nurturing Your Marital Romance

In my last article, I mentioned that romance must not be left to chance because whatever is left to chance depreciates. Someone may ask – What would be the case in a situation where one of the couple makes an effort and the other person is not bothered? In the course of my work as a coach and counsellor, I speak to a lot of spouses who feel exhausted, frustrated and numb because in spite of their best efforts, their spouses seem not to be reciprocating love or romance. It is like planting without yielding the harvest. A certain...

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How To Be A Good Date

To have a successful date that leaves both of you happy and excited, you need to learn the secret behind knowing how to be a good date. Dating and meeting potential dates is an intrinsic part of the single life, especially if you want to find that special someone for yourself. Fixing a date may be time consuming but not knowing how to be a good date who can behave well can spell doom for anyone. If you want to have a successful date, you need to understand how to be a good date in all its subtleties. It...

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