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How to Make Your Spouse Special Every Day

It is a pity that many people across the world only remember the word “love” during the Valentine season. This shouldn’t be the case because love should be an everyday affair. Your love for your spouse should increase and get stronger by the day. It should not be limited to once in 365 days. Lovers are tempted greatly to shower extreme love only on Valentine’s Day. That should not be the case for genuine love. The flame of love should be kept burning all day and lighted all night long. So, how can you make your partner special every...

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“How I Killed My Wife!”

Yesterday, I went to interview a preacher. He came three hours late to his church, venue of our meeting and I was a bit angry. But when he explained what kept him, not only did I forgive him quickly and learned some lessons, but I decided to share this with you so that some of us could learn. Husbands and wives should learn how to settle their quarrels without delay. I have seen situations where couples allow simple disagreement to fester for days. Husband is silently hurting, expecting the wife to speak to him first; same for the wife,...

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Practical Tips for Becoming a Better Husband (Part 2)

We are continuing with our series on practical tips for becoming a better husband. Click here to read the first part. 6 Take time apart when necessary In any long-term relationship, it’s natural for one or both parties to need some alone time (me-time) to unwind and focus on themselves. There’s nothing wrong with needing time away, but it’s important to be vocal about it and assure her that she shouldn’t take it personally. Designate one “free” day out of the week or month during which you can do your own thing, and let her do the same. If...

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Practical Tips for Becoming a Better Husband (Part 1)

1. Verbally tell her that you love her It’s amazing how many men are afraid to share their feelings. It’s even more startling to think about how many men never share their feelings with the one person they should be most comfortable with. Men, your wives need to hear the words, “I love you.” No, it’s not enough to assume she already knows you love her, neither is it enough to tell her “I love you” only in bed. In fact, if you haven’t told her lately – or have never told her before – it is likely that...

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20 Things You Should Be Doing To Your Wife Everyday

No honey-do list is more important than this. Give these things a try, and see the happiness it brings to both of you. Make your wife’s day, every day, with these simple acts that will remind her of your love for her. 1. TELL HER YOU LOVE HER You must tell her you love her more than once per day, including when you leave and when you come home. Because texting is so popular, you can even text her; although telling her face-to-face is the most important and intimate. Read: How to Make Your Wife Submit to Your Authority...

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