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How to Take Your Place as a Point Man

The greatest disservice a man can do to himself is to doubt his ability as a leader. Leadership is inherent in us because we have been created to occupy this position in nature. The challenge with most men today is what Leonardo da Vinci pointed out when he said: “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” If only men would wake up to the consciousness of their position as point men, they would begin to act accordingly. Various dictionaries define a point man as the soldier at the head of a patrol or the leader of...

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Practical Strategies for Effective Self Management

Many leaders battle with issues of self management. No leader can be successful if he doesn’t understand himself and is not the master of his own art. There are so many things required of people who desire to be successful. Leaders who fail in these areas have their credibility and competence questioned. Self management is one area in the life of a leader which requires self discipline. Self discipline is the factor that determines the success or failure of self management. There are many aspects of self management that specifically determine the success of a leader. Some of these...

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4 Ways to Increase Your Influence

Leadership is a process that is preceded and accompanied by followership and servanthood. It is not about affluence or position; rather, it is about influence. Here are four ways to enhance your influence in leadership: Selfless Service No other venture guarantees fulfilment and enduring influence like service to others. Make a commitment to serve and watch your sphere of influence expand beyond your imagination. Years ago, the Salvation Army was holding an international convention and their founder, General William Booth, could not attend because of physical weakness. Nevertheless, his influence was felt at the convention through the convention message...

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9 Things You Should Teach Your Children About God

My wife and I recently welcomed our second child into the world and we couldn’t be more excited. I can’t say that I’m a perfect parent, but I can say that both my wife and I try our hardest show our kids that they are loved, cherished and always welcome to come to us if they need something. There a lot of things about parenting you can’t really prepare for, which is what makes the journey that much more fun. But while my wife and I still have many years of parenting experiences, failures, and victories ahead of us,...

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Today In History (27th March)

YEAR DAY EVENT 922 Mar 27 Al-Hallaj al-Mughith-al-Hsayn Mansur (64), Persian mystic, was beheaded. 1194 Mar 27 The Archbishop of Canterbury, on behalf of King Richard I, talked with the rebels inside the castle at Nottingham, who soon surrendered. 1513 Mar 27 Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sighted Florida. 1599 Mar 27 Robert Devereux became Lt-general of Ireland. 1790 Mar 27 The shoelace was invented. 1794 Mar 27 The US Congress approved “An Act to provide a Naval Armament” of six armed ships. 1808 Mar 27 Joseph Haydn’s oratorio “The Seasons,” premiered in Vienna. 1809 Mar 27 Georges-Eugene...

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