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Be Free, Manifest and Succeed!

I got this insight after watching a movie titled “Bubble Boy.” Humans, when caged by self, dogma or fellow humans cannot be free, neither can they manifest their full potential nor succeed in their endeavours. The very thought of freedom, manifestation, and success suggests an image of outward flow of activities rather than an inward blossom. However, freedom, manifestation and success do not happen without some degrees of internal and external struggles. These restrictions usually come in form of limitations imposed by the self, others or the environment; and it is to the extent that you overcome them that you...

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4 Ways to Increase Your Influence

Leadership is a process that is preceded and accompanied by followership and servanthood. It is not about affluence or position; rather, it is about influence. Here are four ways to enhance your influence in leadership: Selfless Service No other venture guarantees fulfilment and enduring influence like service to others. Make a commitment to serve and watch your sphere of influence expand beyond your imagination. Years ago, the Salvation Army was holding an international convention and their founder, General William Booth, could not attend because of physical weakness. Nevertheless, his influence was felt at the convention through the convention message...

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22 Facts about Your Life Purpose

Have you discovered the purpose of your life? Here are 22 facts you need to know about your life purpose: 1. It is the key to your greatness. 2. It is not determined by your past or present location. 3. It has nothing to do with your family background or standing in the society. 4. It may have nothing to do with your present career or the job you are doing now. 5. It helps you to set your priorities in life and identify what is really important and what isn’t. 6. It helps you to apportion and make...

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Dangerous Habits to Watch Out for

Habits are learnt behaviours, to which an individual is adapted to over a long practice and time. It grows as an individual grows and would not change if no attempt is made to do so. A typical habit shows the prevalent lifestyle, kind of person, attitude, etc, by which someone is recognized. And it goes a long way to either make or mar the individual concerned. A lot of factors could influence the kind of habit one puts up. Some of those factors are the background, association, residential area, religion, country of origin, profession, etc. For the purpose of...

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Problems, Solutions and Problem Solvers

Problems and challenges abound in the world of the living. And we dare not deceive ourselves by hoping that they will all end someday. The day that one ceases to have issues to contend with is the day one bids the world goodbye. To lend credence to this fact, the Bible records in the book of Job 5:7 that man is born to trouble as indubitably as the sparks fly in no other direction but upward. Having established the fact that problems and challenges abound in the world in different forms and sizes, how can they be solved as...

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