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Idol Worship: Of What Value Is It?

The need to feel safe, valuable and loved is at the core of human experience. This singular need has focused our attention towards the external factors (money, fame, power) and not the internal factor (authentic power). Understanding this “mystery” leads me to the concept of “idolatry” or “idol worship”. We can define idolatry as the worship of an idol or a physical object – such as cult image – which the worshipper regards as a god. Idolatry can also be described as practices believed to verge on worship such as giving honour and regard to created forms. Given this...

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Understanding Why Trust Is an Essential Part of Life

Let us take a familiar illustration. You suddenly find yourself on an island with nowhere else to go; all the faces around are largely unfamiliar. On this island you desperately need to get out as fast as possible. My question is while you are on this unfamiliar island, will you ever ask for directions? My best guess is that you are most likely to. If you will not, my guess is that you have learnt distrust in a very hard way. If you find yourself on this island for which you have no experience, your first instinct is to...

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Leadership and the Quest for Significance

We are all created for significance, but the manner we choose to seek significance is what matters. Many have chosen to seek it in the wrong places, thus creating a distraction to them. According to the dictionary, “significant” simply means something that is important in effect or meaning. And man was created to have important effect and give meaning to his environment. “Significance” is the quality of being significant. Feeling significant is natural, man is not supposed to apologise for such feeling. Man was never created a failure. In fact, when God wanted to create man, He never said...

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Soul Winning Out Where the Sinners Are by T.L Osborn

  Book Title: Soul winning Out Where the Sinners Are Author: T.L.Osborn Publisher: Harrison House/Osborn Foundation ISBN-10: 0892741864 ISBN-13: 978-0892741861 Number of Pages: 140 Year Published: 1980/1996 Soul winning Out Where the Sinners Are makes a strong case for missions and evangelism among the unreached people groups, in non-Christian zones and among people who ordinarily would not come to church. Observing that Christians have the tendency to devise various programmes aimed at bringing sinners to church, the author emphasises the fact that Christians ought to go out and win the sinners right where they are rather than cuddling up...

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What You Didn’t Know about Life and Oxygen

We were taught in elementary science classes that oxygen is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that is necessary for life. We scored good grades for memorising and reproducing this information in many examinations. Sadly, this definition didn’t share the full gist with us. The beautiful part of that unshared gist is what this post will deliver to you. Oxygen is found in the air that blows around us. When it is lacking, it could be supplied, especially in critical medical conditions. But, is it really oxygen that keeps us alive? Is life preserved simply because oxygen is readily...

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