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4 Ways to Maintain Your Wardrobe on a Simple Budget

Maintaining an up-to-date wardrobe is a challenge for many men because of the financial commitment involved. As a man, you probably feel there are more significant matters to commit your funds to, but this shouldn’t stop you from updating your wardrobe and replacing worn out shirts. Neglecting your wardrobe translates to having limited apparels to select from when you need to attend events. This takes away your power of choice as you are left with no option than to make do with what you have. You don’t want to be in such a state. It is important that you...

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How to Match Your Necktie Knot with Your Shirt Collar

Tie is a component of formal dressing which enhances a man’s formal dressing or professional appearance. However, most men don’t know how to knot their ties to match the style of their shirts. They use the same style for large collar shirts and small collar shirts, but that is a socially awkward way to dress. You might be wearing an expensive suit and still look awkward if your tie is not knotted properly. Worse still, some men are of the view that they don’t need to know how to knot a tie since they can always find someone else...

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7 Necessities for a Man’s Wardrobe

As a man, your wardrobe is largely dependent on what you do for a living. This is due to the fact that either your career path or your vocation determines your choice of clothes. One doesn’t expect an engineer and a bank clerk to dress the same way or even boast of the same assortment of clothes. Nevertheless, there are basic elements that should be found in every man’s wardrobe since we all attend events and find ourselves in contexts that have no regard for career or vocation. Each of such events or occasions demands a particular style of...

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Are You Leaving Out Your Wristwatch?

Most men find it difficult to invest in wristwatches. This is because they believe wristwatch is something they can do without as it is not much of a necessity in their dressing. However, as insignificant as they seem, wristwatches play an important role. They relay information about time and other relevant information to us, depending on how they are designed. The relevance of wristwatches is becoming more obvious as they perform other useful functions that relate to the wellbeing of an individual. There are wristwatches designed to give specific details concerning the health of an individual while some are...

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