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How to Handle Difficult Situations

As children, we learnt to deal with situations rather interestingly. But as adults we practically forgot how we dealt with the issues as children because our consciousness has changed. I watched Saridat, my cousin’s daughter who was a toddler in 2011 while I was writing my final year project, learn to walk. As she was doing this sometimes with frustration I discovered that the excuses which we as adults would have given didn’t deter her from moving on. I noticed she didn’t have the following usual excuses as she learnt to stand up and walk: 1. I don’t want...

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How to Triple Your Productivity Rate Almost Overnight

Oftentimes, when people talk of being productive, it actually looks abstract to me. I’ve always wondered how someone could be looking for ways to get “more productive”. I just didn’t get it. If we go by the career advice we hear all the time, like: Be the first person in, but the last person out Work your hands up to your wrist, even up to your bones Work hard, and even smart sometimes Then, you should have similar thoughts as mine. But the last line mentioned something along the lines of working smart. I would like to say that...

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Be Free, Manifest and Succeed!

I got this insight after watching a movie titled “Bubble Boy.” Humans, when caged by self, dogma or fellow humans cannot be free, neither can they manifest their full potential nor succeed in their endeavours. The very thought of freedom, manifestation, and success suggests an image of outward flow of activities rather than an inward blossom. However, freedom, manifestation and success do not happen without some degrees of internal and external struggles. These restrictions usually come in form of limitations imposed by the self, others or the environment; and it is to the extent that you overcome them that you...

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22 Facts about Your Life Purpose

Have you discovered the purpose of your life? Here are 22 facts you need to know about your life purpose: 1. It is the key to your greatness. 2. It is not determined by your past or present location. 3. It has nothing to do with your family background or standing in the society. 4. It may have nothing to do with your present career or the job you are doing now. 5. It helps you to set your priorities in life and identify what is really important and what isn’t. 6. It helps you to apportion and make...

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What Is Your Vision for the New Year?

In nine days, 2014 will safely be tucked away in history and its usefulness will only be limited to the blessings and lessons we got from it. 2015 is practically an “unformed” experience as our reality in the new year will largely be based on the result of our decisions and actions of the past and those we will make along the way as the year unfolds. 2015 can be your greatest year ever. It can be that year when you broke every record you have ever recorded in your life. But all these desirable aspirations are limited to...

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