Security is often regarded as everybody’s business. That’s why it is seen as a task which begins with you, as an individual. Before you could call in the conventional security agencies like vigilante, police, civil defense corps and the likes, to help out in any security case, you must have taken some precautions or “first aid” for yourself and homestead.

In fact most crimes are botched by doing this.

However, learning some skills too could play a vital role in providing security at home.

Considering the high rate of crimes in the urban centres owing to the wide gap between the rich and poor, especially in African settings, self-defense is a necessity to contend with prevailing attacks by criminals.

For home use, consider any of these:

  1. Always put on the security light at night to help create an atmosphere of brightness.


  1. Install cameras where they could not easily be reached by criminals or intruders.


  1. Alarms, too, could create a nerve-jerking fear in criminals, who may no other options other than taking to their heels in the event of hooting of an alarm.


  1. Many do not have flair for keeping dogs but such animal do a lot in keeping the home safe. Signs such as “Beware of Dog” are warnings to ward off any intruder, who would not attempting entry with or without the presence of the house owner.


  1. Do not reveal security information to anyone. Be mindful of what you say in public about your home and what you have. Cases of crimes could be traced to earlier flaunting or revelation of sensitive information.


  1. Always take note of possible happenings in your environment when you return home. Be aware of changes not too common and which could be signs that something odd has taken place.


  1. Endeavour to install metal doors at main entrances other than the wooden ones which can easily be dashed by daring criminals.


  1. Be friendly to neighbours. Your closest allies in attending to security issues are family members and neighbours, who could be of help if you allow them be.


  1. Train your family members in the art of defense which stems first from self-awareness, self-preparedness, self-defense, etc.


  1. Always have a good exercise routine to keep fit for emergencies.


  1. Be true to yourself. Do not involve yourself in fraud and do not encourage it in any guise.


  1. Always work for your money and be contented with what you have. It is a fact that most crimes are pointers to the insatiability of individuals and the tendencies to live beyond their means.


  1. Do not celebrate those whose source of wealth cannot be ascertained.


  1. Be willing to give useful information to security agencies at all times.


  1. Do not always keep late outside your home. Late time such as this could be means by which criminals would strike when it is obvious you would return late from your whereabouts.