Giving conscientious thought to how you manage your mobile phone(s) would save you a lot of needless cost and inconvenience. Your mobile equipment serves many benefits like enabling telecommunications via voice calls, Short Messaging Services (SMS), Multimedia Service, internet access, geographic location access, etc. Thought should also be given to other privileges such as video coverage, photo shooting, gaming, etc.

Apart from the mentioned benefits, permissively termed the basics, it is also common to all phone users, including you, that this essential mobile equipment defines the owner’s personality. The perception of people about smart phone users is that they are trendy. And this social trend also informs the reason there is that showy display of smart phones by users in public. It has become a norm and we have to tolerate it for as long as such habit endures.

Unfortunately, many of these phone users, especially owners of the touch-sensitive or hi-tech brands, do not give adequate care to this essential commodity. This is evident in countless number of broken screens, cases, and other kinds of damages done to this valuable and vulnerable communication equipment.

In as much as your mobile phone speaks volume of your personality, your care, or care-free attitude, on the other hand, could give you away as one who does not deserve to own such phones. Your opinion about someone wielding a touch-screen phone with smashed screen or bandaged body could be that he or she has a poor care value for it.

In as much as your phone serves and defines you in a way, endeavor to have a good care for it, too. Generally, let the following tips guide you in managing your phone:


Mobile phones, like other electronic equipment, have switch buttons; put your phone off at night, when you are sleeping. It saves you from any disturbances rising from late night calls, one capable of disrupting your rest.


Phone have battery life, which must be conserved by ensuring all web applications are not set in automatic upgrade mode. Besides, when you are not accessing the internet, put off your data, so that you can have a lasting validity period.


For hi-tech or smart phones which have security lock function, use this provision to prevent unintended or random dialing, irregular touching, etc, which more often than not lead to malfunctioning of phone system.


Do not make calls or listen to music, or radio, etc, while the phone is connected to the power main. This is a dangerous act, which could pose great danger to the user.


Phones work by means of radio waves and the world we live in is a unit of solar system surrounded and controlled by strong electromagnetic waves. There are potent risk attached to using phones where the force of attraction could spark off flames or explosions. That’s why the caveat reads at places like petrol stations, where you are required to put off all phone items, while you are within the reach of flammable gaseous emissions.


Ensure phone accessories like power banks, chargers, batteries, earpieces, etc, are in good working condition before connecting them in order to avoid damage or malfunctioning of phone system.


Do not overload sockets with electronic items having your phone exposed to danger of fire outbreak, resulting from excessive heat generation.


Ensure your phone is switched off before withdrawing your battery to avoid battery failure. Bad battery, too, should be changed immediately it is noticed.

Protect phone casing with a pouch or fairly hard covering and apply screen protector to help keep any scratch away or damage to screen.


Use earpiece while listening to music, sermon or watching video on your phone in public places. It avoids distraction to other people and help you concentrate too.


Do not allow swapping of batteries for different brands of phones, as this could pose danger, simply because the manufacturer’s specification for every phone is quite different.