White cloth materials are special kinds. Yes there are. And they look good on you when they retain their original colour. How would you say a cloth is white when all there is about it is a shabby or tainted look? Not all persons can maintain it; not all should try keep it in this case.

To keep a collection of whites demands that you cultivate a commensurable laundry and wardrobe culture, which keeps beckoning on you. White is a universal colour and it would always be- nothing can change that. The Valour Digest knows this and considers it wise to share this universal knowledge with those who would always have a ‘date’ with this most-sought-out textile.

This piece ‘How to Keep It White’ would help the lovers of white clothes to manage them better. Since white is a universal colour, it is equally exposed to universal flaw agents such as dust, odour, smoke, insect droppings, etc. The world we live in is replete with all of these so, we must take concerted effort to protect our white cloth materials from their scourge.

How do we do this? The answer is not far-fetched but demands of us or any white freak to ensure that the common practice is to keep all other coloured cloth materials separate while doing your laundry. This is a potent means of preventing needless staining from other bleaching or dirty fabrics.

With same alertness, do not for any reason keep wet clothes comprising multiple colours, so as not to jeopardize the sanity of the white amongst them.

Care must be ensured that you do not keep your laundered clothes outside while it is raining since dust borne by the air dissolve easily in the presence of rainwater and distort the brightness of the white. Obviously, clothes spread outside during rainfall smells after the raining is over. That then calls for another washing exercise to expunge the rain-infested smell.

Same applies to a situation when there is smoke from a burning bush or other materials. Soot from the burning material suspends in the air, and find its way to where your clothes are spread. You would never put on such clothes for any reason.

White clothes should not be worn more than twice before dipping them into suitable detergent for a cleanup. This is not a fast rule anyways. Depending on individuals, a single use is enough to call for a wash. And that is for those who sweat a lot. For no reasons should same cloth be fit for another use without thorough washing. Wearing your white fabrics more than necessary only to wash them with the negligence of areas such as the cuffs, neck, armpits, and sometimes, the edges, leaves a remnant of dirt, which over time becomes an irremovable stain. When this occurs, the usual sights of brownish, and other disgusting outlook takes over.

Many users of white fabrics are tempted to use bleaching agents to soften dirt out. This practice must not be applicable at every laundry time owing to the possibility of causing an induced wear and tear, occasioned by excessive exposure to chemicals of which the bleaching agents are made.

And to make a long laundry effort a waste is to use an unkempt pressing iron on your clothes. This could either get stains on them; or to make matter worse, get them burnt. Nobody would want his hard-earned money wasted due to a rising loss of costly fabrics.

Let’s take a cue from these precautions offered and keep the white safe from common but avoidable stains. The choice is yours.