Wealth creation is a topic that can hold one’s attention as long as it lasted. It is what everyone wants to listen to and experience. But not everyone has the basic idea of how it could be achieved.

As sweet as it sounds, wealth creation is a process which demands adequate and sustained financial skill (whether learnt or guided), discipline, and technical know-how to bring it to fruition.


Few means to wealth creation are:



Investment is committing your money or finances into a venture in order to make profit at a maturity date.

Knowledge about investments can be very helpful in wealth creation. Listing them here is meant to help us appreciate how we could tap into each of them for future benefits.

When we talk about investment, it could be in the short, medium or long term basis. However, it entails diligence, patience, constancy, close monitoring, etc, to make a life-long and life-changing difference.


Let’s look at the forms of investment we can involve in:


  1. Money Investment



is one means of making fortunes. But the knowledge of exchange rate of currencies is key to making a meaningful impact. Following media reports on financial trends the world over, helps an investor know when to buy and sell major currencies, as well as saving them.


Operating fixed deposit:

This is also referred to a term-based saving, which is only withdraw-able at a given date. The profit accruable on the capital depends on the prevailing bank interest rates, inflation, money policies, etc. The interest is fairly large compared with conventional savings account.


  1. Estate:

This is one of the major means of making turnover in multiples of the capital committed to the investment. Estate investment is huge because of the fact that buildings are durable and keep churning in proceeds long after it has been constructed.



We cannot talk about estate without mentioning land. Valuation of a landed property like building is considered alongside the land on which the building sits. The location of the land, of course, determines to a large extent the value it bears. Land does not depreciates and this makes it always suitable for sale at a rate that will serve the utmost interest of the owner. Buying and reselling of landed property is the way to go and informed persons are already making a world of good out of it.


  1. Skills:



Learning a trade or skill such as tailoring, sporting, hair styling, and other crafts will make you an independent entrepreneur sought after by those who need your services at both local and international levels. And when skill acquisition is backed up with education is becomes most fitting for the total development of an individual in wealth creation. Developing skills has forever offered a leeway to individuals and countries such America, China, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. SMEs develops from skills and different business sizes take root from these too. And by this means countries like Japan, Hong Kong, etc have sprouted many world brands, especially owned and managed by individual families.

Where favorable economic climate is provided for by government policies, then the sky is the threshold for any trade investor.


  1. Shareholding:

Buying shares, too, has its great implication to your wealth creation drive. When shares of companies appreciate, holders may sell off and make huge profit on their investments.


  1. Sale of precious stones:

Selling items with international appeal such as diamond, gold, etc, are known to make one rich over time. They have an unlimited value and price changes most times are in the upward direction.


To be continued