Israeli teen travels Europe in search of Guinness world record

A 17-year-old Israeli teenager, Moran Hadid, wants to break Guinness world record for visiting the largest number of European countries.

“I’m a person who really really likes traveling, who enjoys it a lot… searching for new people, new friends, different worlds, different cultures,”

“I’ve always wanted to break a world record and visit as many European countries as possible before the age of 18,” Hadid adds.

When asked how he funds these travels, he said:

“I work. I funded the trip. Of course, supported by my parents, no doubt, but in principle the funding came 80 percent from me.”

Hadid is not the only one trying to break this record.

He has a 19-year-old Chinese guy who has ‘conquered’ nearly all of Europe.

The young lad has just two months before he becomes 18. He needs to visit five countries: Portugal, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, and Slovenia to break this record