1749        May 19, George II granted a charter to the Ohio Company to settle Ohio Valley.

1800        May 19, French Bosbeeck, veterinarian, robber, was hanged.

1885        May 19, Jan Matzeliger began the 1st mass production of shoes in Lynn,    Massachusetts

1892        May 19, Charles Brady King of Detroit invented the pneumatic hammer.

1942        May 19, Sir Joseph Larmor (b.1857), professor of mathematics, died in Ireland. His contributions bridged the old and the new physics. He published three papers all entitled “A dynamical theory of the electric and luminiferous medium” between 1894 and 1897. These papers presented his theory of the electron, which gained further weight in 1897 when J J Thomson experimentally identified the electron.

1984        May 19, Michael Larson (1949-1999) won $110,000 on the “Press Your Luck” Game Show. He had memorized the generated game patterns.

1987        May 19, President Reagan defended America’s presence in the Persian Gulf, two days after 37 American sailors were killed when an Iraqi warplane attacked the U.S. frigate Stark.

1994        May 19, President Clinton held a news conference in which he defended his foreign policy against suggestions he improvises it from crisis to crisis, saying, “I continue to look for new solutions.”

1998        May 19, In Colombia Pres. Samper disbanded the 20th Intelligence Brigade under US pressure because of evidence that the unit was responsible for a series of murders of civilian politicians and human rights activists.

2004        May 19, Melvin J. Lasky (84), an American writer and editor who shaped opinions against communism in Cold War Europe, died at his home in Berlin.

2007        May 19, Miroslav Deronjic (52), Bosnian Serb war criminal, died in a hospital in Sweden. Deronjic, the top authority in the eastern Bosnian city of Bratunac during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War, was convicted of ordering a 1992 attack on a Bosnian village in which 65 civilians were killed. He had been serving a 10-year sentence for war crimes.

2010        May 19, Khalid Ouazzani (32) of Kansas City, Mo., admitted that he sent $23,500 to Al-Qaeda between 2007-2008. The Morocco-born auto parts dealer became a US citizen in 2006.

2010        May 19, John Shepherd-Barron (84), the Scotsman credited with inventing the world’s first automatic cash machine, died after a short illness. The first automatic teller machine, now known as ATMs, was installed at a branch of Barclays Plc in a north London suburb on June 27, 1967.

2014        May 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops deployed near Ukraine to return to their home bases and praised the launch of a dialogue between the Ukrainian government and its opponents even as fighting continued in the eastern parts of the country.