Men who made History

1959        Aug 24, Three days after Hawaiian statehood, Hiram L. Fong was sworn in as the first Chinese-American U.S. Senator while Daniel K. Inouye was sworn in as the first Japanese-American U.S. Representative.
1988        Aug 24, Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis picked up the endorsement of the AFL-CIO while Republican nominee George Bush campaigned in California with President Reagan.

1996        Aug 24, In North Korea American Evan Carl Hunzike was arrested for spying. He entered illegally from China to get information on the domestic situation.

1997        Aug 24, In Zambia former pres. Kaunda accused Pres. Frederick Chiluba of trying to kill him after he was wounded by riot police during a protest rally.

2000        Aug 24, Pres. Clinton and Vice President Al Gore met with Pres.-elect Vincente Fox of Mexico. Fox promoted his ideas on an open border a day before he met with Texas Gov. George W. Bush in Dallas.
2001        Aug 24, President Bush blamed the slumping economy for the shrinking budget surplus, rather than his tax cut, and said it was up to Congress to restrain spending.
2005        Aug 24, Jack Slipper (81), Scotland Yard detective, died. He pursued one of the fugitives from Britain’s “Great Train Robbery” across many years and two continents.
2009        Aug 24, Mohammed Jawad (~21), a Guantanamo prisoner once charged with wounding two US soldiers and their interpreter was back home in Afghanistan, months after a war crimes case against him unraveled when a military judge ruled his confession was coerced.
2010        Aug 24, Senegal’s PM Souleymane Ndene Ndiaye said that those begging for money will be given a place to stay if they leave the streets of Dakar and other large cities to receive help from charities. The government soon began enforcing a 2005 ban on begging. Officials said they recently felt pressure to impose the law because the US and other donor countries had threatened to cut off aid if Senegal does not address human trafficking. Aid groups and human rights organizations estimated that as many as 100,000 children in Senegal, population 13.7 million, are forced to beg every day by religious teachers known as marabouts. Caught in the dragnet were handicapped adults who used to line their wheelchairs along a stretch of the boulevard leading to the presidential palace in downtown Dakar.
2011        Aug 24, In Nicaragua Catholic priest Marlon de Jesus Garcia was laid to rest. His body was found earlier this week in La Concepcion, a city south of Managua. Police said he died of asphyxiation and were treating the investigation as a homicide case. The priest was a critic of the government.
2013        Aug 24, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said for the first time that chemical weapons had killed people in ally Syria and called for the international community to prevent their use.
2014        Aug 24, In Nigeria Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, said in a video that he has created an Islamic caliphate in Gwoza, Borno state, seized by the insurgents earlier this month.
2014        Aug 24, Peter Theo Curtis (45), an American journalist kidnapped and held hostage for nearly two years by an al-Qaida-linked group in Syria, was released in the Golan Heights. Curtis Massachusetts wrote under the byline Theo Padnos.