O invisible Air!

So intangible you are!

None can hold you;

None can prevent you

Even when it seems they do,

Soon, they lose grip of you.

Cos you’re naturally made,

A free creature to us.

Not to us alone,

But all there’s life in to live.



O invisible Air!

You give life.

Without you we’re gone;

With you we’re here.

You’re our most-sought-for

Same you’re to us

As the water’s to the fishes

A minute of absence

Spells a lasting silence

For none but the unlucky


O invisible Air!

Man’s act angers you

By the pollutant they emit

Staining your innocence,

Defaming your presence

Making us scamper

To safety

Otherwise, we lose our health

And if care’s not taken

We lose the life you give