Scientists could plan a future space mission based on the latest discovery of an Earth-like planet, which may have deep oceans and  harbour life.

The planet is the closet star to our solar system and it is called Proxima b, orbits Proxima Centauri – and it’s about 1.3 times bigger than the Earth.

'Scientists Discovers New Planet'

Artist’s impression of the planet orbiting Proxima Centauri

The planet occupies habitable zone where temperature are mild enough to allow liquid surface water. This is because Proxima Centauri radiates much less heat than the Sun.

Professor Abraham Loeb from Harvard University raised the possibility of humans living in the planet in the nearest future.  Proxima b is only four light years away from Earth.

Prof Loeb said: “The lifetime of Proxima is several trillion years, almost a thousand times longer than the remaining lifetime of the Sun.”

“Hence, a habitable rocky planet around Proxima would be the most natural location to where our civilisation could aspire to move after the Sun will die, five billions years from now,” he added.