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3 Ways to Handle Challenges in Leadership

A leader might get to a place where he or she is stressed. And at such point it is easy to display bad attitude. This is because the human nature is designed in a way that when it when it expands (through stress) it will naturally want to regain its original state. So what most people do at such times is that they release themselves to display whatever emotion they feel at such times.

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5 Ways to Handle Your Weaknesses

Denying the fact that you don’t have a weakness is living a life of lies. Most men find it hard to accept the fact that they have weaknesses. They project their areas of strength to cover up the fact that beneath that strength there are weaknesses. Making your partner aware of your weaknesses is a good step in setting the foundation of your relationship or marriage.

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How to Cope With Hard Times

Challenges are a fact of life. No matter how hard we try, we cannot avoid them. The difference between those who overcome challenges and those who get overwhelmed by them is largely dependent on attitude, perspective and interpretation. It is important that you interpret your challenges correctly so that you can tackle and overcome them.

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