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Accept Your Share of the Blame

Three reasons you should accept a little share of the blame when guilty.

Most people don’t like to take their share of blame when things go wrong. When there is a fault somewhere, it means someone didn’t do something right. And therefore should be held responsible.

The problem isn’t the failed project; this often must happen. But, a real leader accepts his share of blames when things go wrong.

When people repeat the same mistakes, it can be traced to their defensive nature of not wanting to be held responsible even when they are wrong. Taking the blames when you’re guilty for a failed process reveals the leadership qualities in you.

As a leader if you refuse to take responsibility for failure, you are likely to make the same mistake.

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Simple Steps That Help You Stand Out

Living an exceptional life is one thing most people don’t find easy. This is because as humans we are influenced by our environment. Environment is everything; it is what determines what you hold strong as your values. The mindset is one major determinant of how we respond to situations. This is why it is crucial to guard your mind from all forms of negative influence.

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Leadership, A Call to a Disciplined Life

“Action speaks louder than voice” a popular saying that is known to everyone. In between our action and our voice is a chord of discipline that binds them both, it is our thoughts. Our actions often come as a result of what we have thought about in our mind. No wonder the saying goes that “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. The fact remains that our actions are connected to our thoughts. And our thought process is a sum total of our lives. We have the ability to make our lives count only if we choose to. Everyone created “was not given a spirit of timidity, but one of power, love, and self-discipline.” We all have self-control in us..

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