The life’s beauty can long be enjoyed by making efforts to keep records. Be it for personal, communal, and global events and reasons, pictures play a very important role in human life.

No matter the lifespan, at least a hundred for the ‘so lucky’ ones but for majority, the range is below. Even in the brevity of living, we can make it count the way we reminisce good and heart-warming life’s moments.

This is why taking pictures will always be with us as long as life remains. Events come and go but memories stored in pictorial forms help to relive such events like they are fresh. For many individuals, taking snapshots, not only at events but in any condition perceived as fitting, the experience is worthwhile. Others see it as a leisure for the non-serious and the likes. That’s not 


The wonders of pictures go beyond just hitting the snap button for a shot rather, it gives those involved a feel of good living, peace, freedom, self-expression, belongingness, etc.

Taking pictures is common amongst the feminine folks although, it an act equally shared by the masculine counterparts. On campuses, social or recreation centres and events, even in religious places, the experience is same. Posing for a shot in an environment having wonderful statues, celebrities, fun fares, etc is acceptable for anyone craving for it. Who cares if you snap till the break of dawn? If you can, go ahead; the world is all yours.

Same applies to sad events, such as tragedy, violence, or any other tensed situations, whose story could be better told with pictures.

Do we know that apart from the aforementioned reasons for snapshots, it is also mindful to state that pictures can set a feeling of nostalgia, warmth, affection, relief, love, inspiration, etc. Those involved in this act will be able to tell their part of this story. Simply because events do not always repeat themselves hence, the need for a conscious attempt at taking pictures.   

Gazing at a picture helps you see yourself at a glance, which could not have been possible, except by means of a mirror. You can make judgment of how you (if it’s a portrait) and others (if it’s a group picture) look in the picture. Same way, it gives you the impression of how well the photographer has done his or her job. The feeling of delight that runs through your mind when your picture appears so good like you’re a prince or princess, a lavishly-decorated champ or favoured figure, cannot be compared to anything else.

Better still, when you’re pointed out as the most liked or beautifully dressed, your head flies in the air like you’re lost in a world of fantasy.

Pictures of one’s childhood reminds us of how we once were. And that of the adulthood spells another feeling of a great change. The two different and separate life stages as depicted in pictures, however, appeared so fresh, as if they were recent. In a flashback, you would have gone back several years to relive your childhood again. With that, you could say if the ‘matured you’ has really grown a better person or not.    

Like it is said that a picture speaks more than a thousand words, you need not belabour yourself with the offer of a detailed account of an event or situation to someone, if you have a photo album or series to safe you the stress.

The wonders of pictures are not limited to these but if you find any, let the Valour Digest share your experience with you. Till we get your personal account, keep a record of snapshots of creative pictures that could outlive your experiences.