Owning pets is a life-interesting chore. Though, it is not an all-comers affair, but it is a form of leisure for those who involve in it. Some people detest coming in contact with pets like cats, dogs, birds, etc while others see the habit of pet keeping as a must.

Pets are animals we keep at home, office or any other place we deem fit. Ordinarily, most pets are kept at home, where they mingle with their owners and everything they can see and move close to. There are more than enough reasons to state why people keep pets, and one of the majors is companionship. Whether you want to believe this or not, many pet keepers know that keeping company with pets has indeed served them most times they are lonely or in need of someone to chat with.

The Valour Digest is interested in helping us cultivate more disciples of pet keeping by this publication. And for those who are already partakers in the art of pet keeping, they need to learn few tips here too.

Animals, we all know, do not speak, but can make sounds peculiar to their kinds; they also react based on their instincts. So, their owners or keepers must understand and relate with them based on this natural knowledge.


Reasons we need to keep pets


  1. Pets are resourceful in learning human habits like gesticulation, whistling, clapping, jumping, etc, and these make them behave in a way that is expected. Cramming names or sounds by parrots are common practice that become an everyday thing if well monitored by the pet keeper. Parrots can also act those signs out in a way to demonstrate to the owner that something fishy occurred while you are away.


  1. Pets are friendly. Name them, whatever their kind, pets tends to play with their owners, rubbing their paws, furs, bodies, etc on clothes, or even human bodies to help keep it warm. Not everyone like this act yet it is a way to show they fancy staying close.


  1. Pets help signal danger: Dogs for instance, owing to their powerful sense of sight and smell perceive the presence of an intruder or sniff something hidden which could reveal the position for further action.


  1. A form of defence: Dog play this role better than all other pets. Be it trained security dogs or the untrained local counterparts, dogs have the natural fighting prowess when attacked. Same they do their environment is encroached on by intruders. Dogs also help shepherd other animals too, especially in the farm of field so as to keep straying ones within the fold.


  1. They could help give a sign of death: In local villages or perhaps, places where the aged live with pets like dog or cat, these two have the habitual way of behaving when an aged owner is about to pass on or has actually done so.


  1. Mammals behave alike: Taking care of pets help one appreciate what it means to care for humans too. Most of those pets (dogs, cats, monkeys, etc.) are mammals which is enough to justify one’s knowledge on how mammals behave, react to threat, etc.