By Chidirim Ndeche

There are probably 101 written ways to encourage and urge people to exercise in the morning, but what’s the point of reading all this stuff if you never take action? Now, you may be too lazy to exercise in the morning, or you may find yourself rushing to work, or you say you aren’t a morning person so there is no motivation to exercise. That is no excuse!

Apart from burning fat, exercising has many different benefits like we wrote here earlier. Exercising even a little goes a long way to improve your metabolism, mind and mood. It is recommended that you put in a minimum of 150minutes of exercise every week. It’s not so difficult, and you can find time to train even if you are a nine to five office worker or a total lazy person. Here’s how:

1. Take the stairs. You may be tempted to take that escalator or elevator, but make taking the stairs a part of your workout routine.

2. Walk more. Park your vehicle further away from your office building or the entrance to the mall.

3. Say no to one unhealthy meal everyday.

4. Drink plain water in place of that drink you’re craving.

5. Black coffee only. Avoid caffeinated beverages. Black coffee will do the trick.

6. Get up every hour at work and find something to do that will make you move. Walk around the office. Go out to get lunch. Or just stand for a while and stretch. Do something.

7. Eat breakfast. Do not say you aren’t a breakfast person. There are so many reasons why this is the most important meal of the day.

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8. Take healthy snacks along with you like carrots, nuts and grapes for when you are craving something to munch on. Say no to chips and other unhealthy snacks.

9. Do a little exercise when you get up in the morning. Do a few jumping jacks when you are waiting for your water to boil. Do a few crunches in bed. Do a little dance. Anything.

10. Find something you love to do and just do it. You do not have to hit the gym and carry 100kg of weights before you know you are keeping fit. The little things count. Whether it is dancing, walking, swimming, or yoga, find what works for you that you will totally enjoy and build it up from there.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to moving and eating better. You may have seen all these recommendations countless times, but it is important that you get off your lazy bottom and do something, and doing something eventually leads to doing more because you’ll become more dedicated over time.

Culled The Guardian