God created all of us to be star performers in our different and specific spheres of calling; He did not create anybody to be an also-ran. He created us for impact and significance. He is excellence-driven and He wants us to function same way – that was why He created us like Him (according to His likeness).

Now let’s consider the 13 all-important steps that will elevate you to the status of a star performer.

1. Know Yourself

Know yourself. Know your strengths, limits, talents, gifts, deficiencies. Know where you will thrive and flourish; know where you will struggle and not be able to cope. All of us are not supposed to work everywhere; so, once you understand yourself, it helps you make decisions as to what you should or should not do. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you are working in a bank and your job description does not match your strengths, you will be struggling and will not find joy in what you are doing. The kind of satisfaction that comes from doing what you are naturally cut out for will elude you.

Even though research has revealed that the Nigerian workforce work mainly for the pay and not out of interest, you still owe yourself the duty of making a choice as to where you want to work, such that going to work will not be something you dread every day.

2. Confirm Expectations and Requirements

If you, therefore, desire to turn in a five-star performance in any role, then you must know the specific tasks required of you. You should know what you are supposed to do on a regular, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to fulfil your role. Taking steps to know what is expected or required of you helps you to have a complete picture of what you ought to do.

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3. Ascertain the scope and coverage of your responsibilities

How long do you need to do what you are doing? How far do you need to go? How wide do you need to cover, in terms of the range of your responsibilities? This is important so that you do not dissipate your energy in the wrong direction or do much where you are supposed to do little. You need to know the scope and coverage you are meant to cover.

What are the things I’m expected to do? For how long am I expected to do this? How many of these am I expected to turn in on a daily basis? These are questions that star performers ask before they hit the road running.

4. Identify your productivity and result metrics

What constitutes productivity for you? You are permitted to do as many things as you want, but it is not all things that will constitute productivity for you.

You must know how your result is going to be determined. Knowing this will help you align yourself to do what you are supposed to do.

Forget about activity or doing the rounds, it is possible to sit by the computer from 8am till 5pm and get nothing done. It is not that you are not doing something, but are those things productive? Once you know the metrics you are going to be judged by, it helps you align yourself to where you should be and what you should be doing.

5. Set goals and objectives

What are the goals you are expected to meet? Even if you are not given any by your employer or line manager, set goals for yourself. Having known what you are expected to do and how far you are to go in doing those things and you also know the things that will be used to measure your success or non-performance; you should now set goals for yourself: These are the things I’m going to accomplish, based on what I know.

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What are the things I’m not doing right that I need to stop? What are the things that I can intensify so I can get more results? You need to set goals for yourself; that is how you know somebody who is a star performer, they are goal-driven. They focus on the end result but do not lose sight of the process; they align with the process that will take them to that end result.

6. Count the cost

What will it take me to accomplish these goals? What will it take me to cover this scope? What will it take me to meet the expectations or requirements that were delivered to me? What are the things I need to do to achieve all these? Asking such questions is the hallmark of a wise person.

You usually need to give up something in order to gain something; that is the way life operates. You have to give up a lesser thing to gain a greater thing. You have to know the price to pay to become a star performer in any area of life.

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