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Lawyer Wants Nigerian Economy Fixed

A Lagos-based prominent lawyer and human rights activist, Jiti Ogunye has insisted that the only way to solve the current challenge of fuel scarcity across the country is through fixing of the Nation’s Economy.

According to the lawyer, “There is a difference between soap-box oratory and the reality of governance.

“Between the last time we had this spill-over and now, our naira has depreciated by over 50 per cent. Nobody is talking about it.

“You don’t go to foreign land to buy petroleum product with naira; it is with dollar. So we would continue to grapple with that.

“It is not just fuel that is the problem; our economy is in a ramshackle state. And unless you fix that economy, prices of commodities, including fuel, which is imported, will continue to be on the rise and Nigerians will continue to grapple with it.

“It is not easy for anybody to advocate that the subsidy should be removed and that the market forces should be allowed to be on the prowl; market forces will be on rampage. They are like vampires, not caring for you and me.

“What do forces do? They ravage. It is a complicated process and I expect those in government to sit down and look at it very well.”

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