Today, there’s almost an app for everything. Games, fashion, modelling, you get apps that claim to help you in one way or the other. That is one advantage that comes with the digitization of services worldwide, especially over the Internet. In Nigeria, the craze has caught on as well, with all commercial banks having apps that customers can use to perform basic transactions, instead of having to visit the banking hall. However, what many people need is a way to monitor, and in most cases, improve their personal finances. Most bank apps will not do that on a neutral basis, but there are apps that will. These 3 apps were recommended by Investopedia as the best apps in 2017 for managing personal finances.



This app is basically meant to track your expenses and making sure this is done in a very easy manner. The app allows you to log in your expenses as you make them, totaling them for you based on the period you select (weekly, monthly etc.). In fact, the app has a feature that lets you simply take a photo of your receipts instead of manually logging your expenses at the end of the day. And if you use geo-location on your device, it even fills in that info, saving you several steps. This way, you know exactly where, when, and on what you spend money on, allowing you to determine what changes to effect.



Coming from the stable of Intuit Inc., developers of QuickBooks, this app was rated as the best app for managing your money by Investpedia. Its ability to perform multiple functions is one of its main strengths. From creating a budget, tracking your spending, and getting smart about your money, Mint helps you with all of it. Mint notifies you when your bills are due, as well as their amounts. The app can also send you payment reminders so you can avoid late fees. While Nigerians may not yet be able to key into this feature, Mint is till useful as it gives you specific advice to gain more control over your budget.

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Fast Budget Expense Manager

This is another wonderful app for managing personal finances. While it performs basically the same functions as other apps, its easy-to-use, quick entry requirements guarantees it a spot on this list. In addition, the app has a fully customizable, overview page that provides brief summaries of the most important numbers you need to know. Another strong point is its visual representation, which is a plus for those who easily get queasy at the sight of many numbers.


Please note, however, that a drawback arising from Nigeria’s still below-par technological advancement is that you may not be able to sync your account and get the full range of services these apps offer. However, each one of them can still serve a purpose in improving personal finance.


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